Horizontal:+-1.5deg,Vertical:+-2deg,Speed/Carry+-5%. max speed measured 89m/s


5x7x3 m,If not both handed, then 4 meters width is OK. If your net cage is shorter, then you do not need 7 meters in length.


For driving range, the simulation is pretty good since with ball’s speed/direction/spin we can get a good simulation result. But for bouncing and rolling, it depends on the surface of course which vary a lot. For sceneries, check our youtube channel: youtube.com/dinchentech.


Accuracy: DTG-201 only have ball speed/direction/back spin information WITHOUT side spins information.
Course: DTG2 has 20 course, you can buy CG3D and course pack for 130+ courses.
Graphic details: Check our vedeos at youtube.com/dinchentech for our DTG2 and CG3D for sceneries qualities.

正在開發可搭配DTG-201 使用裝置於球桿上感應器,可測桿頭速度/路徑及側旋(side spin)

We are developing a swing analyzer that can be used with DTG-201 to detect golf club speed/path/side spin. Using a 9-axis motion sensor attached to club.


Small tees , yes. Big rubber tee please use black colored tee and fix it in carpet so that it will not flys out and misjudged as ball.


Yes, please use black or dark colored putter. The reflective or light colored putter can not be used. 


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