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Golf Simulation Softwares高爾夫模擬軟體:

  1. Our own software: DTG series is our own golf simulation. All the flying trajectories are calculated by our simulation formula. And the course materials’  bouncing  coefficient so we can 100% control all the simulation.
  2. Third-party software: such as the Creative3DGolf. For these 3rd party software, we only calculate the golf ball’s speed, direction, spin rate and pass the parameter to 3rd parties software and the rest of the ball simulation in the course are done by the 3rd software.
  3. Mouse/Joystick emulated(still under developing): We are developing mouse/joystick emulation kit that can be used to play golf games such as TGC 2019,.. that are originally played by mouse/joystick. Our emulation interface will translate our ball information of ball speed/direction/spin to mouse inputs. Since we DO NOT have exact information of these golf games simulation information. So it’s only for fun and not very accurate about the distance. But will make you more realistic to play with real swings.  
  1. 自我版權:DTG系列是我司自有版權的高爾夫軟件, 因此對於飛行軌道/洛地彈跳/滾動都能夠全部掌握,並能依客戶需求做客製化OEM服務。
  2. 來自 Creative3DGolf 的第三方軟件,球場更多,分有球場版(CG3D)及遊戲版(Golfisimo)
  3. 滑鼠模擬程式(開發中)可以模擬滑鼠玩TGC 2019之類的高爾夫遊戲。


20 course , our own trajectory calculation engine !
共20洞, 我們自己的計算引擎。

Course and Driving mode!

3D rendered scenes

After shoot and swing analysis

  • Small map on up right corner
  • Player status on up left corner
  • Green slope is show at lower left: top for slope at front, bottom for horizontal slope 
  • 右上方有洞簡圖
  • 左上方有遊戲者揮桿/距離資訊
  • 果嶺坡度於左下方顯示 
  • 1~4 players
  • 5 camera directions
  • Shot can be replayed
  • Multiple swing track can be accumulated  
  • Score board 
  • 1~4人下場
  • 5個攝影機方向
  • 可以重播
  • 可以多軌跡顯示 
  • 記分板


There 3 options of CG3D ‘s software:
1.CD3G : 130 courses(35courses+optional 100 courses pack) golf game.
2.Golfismo: Short range course+mini golf+golf games Golfisimo.
3.ALL: CG3D+Golfismo 

1.CD3G : CG3D 約130個球場(35球場+選購圖資約100球場) golf game.
2.Golfismo: 短距離球場及Mini Golf及遊戲
3.ALL: CG3D+Golfismo 組合

CG3D Menu主畫面

The Creative Golf 3D game provides a pleasant golf experience while playing on famous or local golf courses.It allows you to improve your skills at a driving range and other practice facilities.Different types of competitions and amusing games like Target Golf, Minigolf or Demolition Golf will provide you, your family and friends with many hours of fun.

 Creative Golf 3D  提供共約130個球場遊戲,有練習場功能, 迷你高爾夫, 也能網路連線比賽

Total 130 courses ..約130個球場



Golfisimo is a version for kids and family fun. It has the same simulation engine like CG3D, but the courses are all short range PAR3 course and more mini golf and other games.
Golfisimo是CG3D的一個專門給小孩及家庭用的版本,球場挑的都是較短PAR3的短距離球場, 增加了迷你高爾夫及更多的高爾夫遊戲!

PAR3 short range courses短距離洞

Short range courses沙漠球場

Funny mini golf海底迷你球場

Butterfly mini golf蝴蝶迷你球場

Beach Target Game沙灘擊準

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